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I am very much satisfied with your kind help. I will keep in touch with you whenever people in my place ask me for such kind of help


Greetings from Tanzania.

Thanks for you emails and we wish to share our  experience at Mendata in  a positive way that, both my wife and Son received good medical care and we were very happy especially after my son hearing problems was cleared amazingly though we held a report from Tanzania indicating that he was having that problem. We thank Mendata staff for their service since we arrived, when we started treatment and after treatment services. On our last day at the hospital we said bye to all staff from International desk to Doctors who treated them as per attached pictures taken a day before departure

Lastly the accommodation choice we made was wrong but the changed the hotel to GD House which is opposite Mendata and a walking distance to the hospital.

Kind regards Rohini and be blessed for arrangement you made for my family.


I am recovering well thanks to the medical service I received at the Indira Hospital New Delhi. Dr Rajinder and his team of doctors and nurses were professionally very good and friendly, which I believe contributed to my quick positive response and recovery. I would give the medical travel service of YourDocAbroad, in general, and Rohini a rating of 4 (very good) and would recommend the institution to my friends and colleagues who might be seeking for medical treatment in India. Within a very short notice YourDocAbroad was able to organise and facilitate my medical bookings, airport transfers and hotel accommodation. I was delighted.

Thank you Rohini


Thanks to the efforts of YourDocAbroad, I was able to connect with Apollo New Delhi, India. Once I arrived at Apollo with my sick daughter Maureen from Tanzania, I met with very professional medical staffs and other workers who were very kind and committed. After successful treatment, she is back at school and she is doing well in her class.


I sincerely appreciated all the arrangement you did on my behalf. I have to confess about the services rendered to me, it's worth it for both the pre & post medical treatment for Enlarged Thyroid. I was fulfilled and it is important to say that you have a good medical team and I am very impressed about them.


I am pleased to inform you that my health is very stable  now after a successful prostate operation by Dr Saxena

  • I take this opportunity to thank Dr Saxena and the entire team of surgeons and technicians who participated in the operation. I also thank Dr Prasad (neurosurgeon) for examining myself and my wife. My wife's back is better now
  • The hospital has committed and hard working team and the services are excellent. I particularly commend the team at the International Patient Lounge for their patience and love to the patients and their assistants. Similarly all the receptionists at gates, 2, 4, 6, and 10 attended us very well, just to mention a few.
  • I was introduced to you and sincerely I was very happy with your service throughout my contact with Apollo. You responded my mails promptly and you gave me the right advice. I thank you so much for that and recommend that you keep that spirit. Following your commitment and efficiency,  I will not hesitate introducing you to my colleagues/friends who may need your service.

Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania

We have never met physically, BUT your communication, and organising is perfect and wonderful doctors, facilities and services abroad (AT Apollo) were superb (your team at the airport, doctors at Apollo hospital is just amazing). I do not wish to complicate the experience BUT seriously you are amazing team under the SUN, GOD bless you my dear and your team.


My experience with YourDocAbroad was intense, you answered all my question, you sent me pictures and video so, even if I was far away I could see how Raimundi (Raymond) was doing and I sent all to his family and friends in Tanzania. It was very important for me have a person like you because, not being there, it was not easy knowing the conditions of the boy. You had been very helpful and precious!
Thanks again!

Stefania is a volunteer with NGO Oltreterra in Italy. She was committed to raising the funds for Raymond's treatment



If there is a perfect 10, I will give it to you so 5 is very appropriate you were very helpful when I was in need of the hospital services, it only shows that distance is not a barrier for the medical issues with you around, I am very proud of you Ms. Rohini Gaur.

I would like to focus on you with my interactions and the service, assistance that you have given me, you are one of the BEST, warm and very respectful. You are always available to take the call or to answer the email for my benefits, I don't see any reason not to give you full praised for the services you gave to me.


Thanks for everything you have done for me and forgive me that I could not see you in Delhi, I came twice to Dr.Prasad and asked about you, but could not see you while being in Apollo hospital. I will remember you and your nice and professional behaviour and hope to talk to you in recent future from Afghanistan.


All in all, I felt happy and enjoyed the treatment, and I noticed a very big difference from YourDocAbroad's services. Also, please pass my greetings to Dr.Prasad and Dr. Dutta.


Dear Rohini,
Yes, everything went well at the KCM clinic in Poland. The people there were very kind, and I was welcomed in the best way. Moreover, I spent a very nice stay in Jelenia Gora, which is a very nice town.
So I came back home very happy on Wednesday, and now I am on holidays near the sea in France. So, everything is fine, thank you for taking care.
I've been quite satisfied with the services of YourDocAbroad, and with your personal help, Rohini. You've been very kind and patient to find a solution. Thanks a lot for all your work.
I will recommend YourDocAbroad to my friends.



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