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The Orthopedic specialty involves the prevention and correction of problems of the musculoskeletal system. Some common procedures that involve surgery by an orthopedic surgeon are: hip replacement, knee replacement, arthroplasty, musculoskeletal tumor surgery, ACL tear surgery, sports injury surgery etc.

Other Procedures of Orthopedics

  • Hip Replacement
  • Knee Replacement
  • Knee Ligament Surgery Acl
  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery
  • Orthopedics Consultation
  • Rotator Cuff Surgery
  • Bunion Surgery
  • Dupuytrens Contracture Treatment
  • Meniscus Surgery
  • Osteoarthritis Treatment
  • Hip Arthroscopy
  • Ankle Arthroscopy
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Bone Fracture Treatment
  • Shoulder Replacement
  • Ganglion Cyst Removal
  • Trigger Finger Treatment
  • Achilles Tendon Rupture
  • De Quervain Syndrome Treatment
  • Benign Bone Tumor Removal
  • Knee Fracture Treatment
  • Tennis Or Golfers Elbow Treatment
  • Lateral Release Of The Patella
  • Wrist Arthroscopy
  • Slap Tear Repair
  • Shoulder Ligament Repair
  • Ankle Fracture Treatment
  • Cervical Fracture Treatment
  • Sciatica Treatment
  • Femur Fracture Treatment
  • Osteoporosis Treatment
  • Patellar Dislocation Treatment
  • Knee Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Hand Surgery
  • Foot Surgery
  • Knee Ligament Surgery  pcl  
  • Elbow Replacement
  • Tendon Repair
  • Ankle Replacement
  • Osteotomy
  • Revision Joint Surgery
  • Kneecap Stabilization
  • Acromioclavicular Joint Repair
  • Ankle Surgery
  • Clubfoot Treatment
  • Dislocated Shoulder Treatment
  • Elbow Arthroscopy
  • Fracture Treatment
  • Hip Fracture Surgery
  • Shoulder Labrum Surgery
  • Shoulder Stabilization
  • Shoulder Tendon Reconstruction
  • Synovium Removal
  • Ulnar Nerve Decompression
  • Joint Injection
  • Abscess Debridement
  • External Fracture Fixation
  • Elbow Surgery
  • Hip Surgery
  • Knee Arthroplasty
  • Knee Cartilage Surgery
  • Limb Amputation
  • Mpfl  medial Patellofemoral Ligament Surgery
  • Mortons Neuroma Treatment
  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Treatment
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • Dislocated Hip Treatment
  • Exostosis Treatment
  • Hand Joints Synovectomy
  • Hip Arthroplasty
  • Scaphoid Fracture Treatment
  • Treatment For Achilles Tendinitis
  • Bakers Cyst Treatment
  • Compartment Syndrome Treatment
  • Fractured Shoulder Treatment
  • Hip Pain Treatment
  • Knee Sprain Treatment
  • Shoulder Arthroplasty
  • Shoulder Capsular Release
  • Trapped Nerve Treatment
  • Avascular Necrosis  avn  treatment
  • Coccydynia Treatment
  • Congenital Hip Dislocation Treatment
  • Dislocated Elbow Treatment
  • Osteomyelitis Treatment
  • Pagets Disease Treatment
  • Plantar Fasciitis Treatment
  • Shoulder Fracture Fixation
  • Wrist Instability Treatment
  • Chondroma Treatment
  • Elbow Pain Treatment
  • Frozen Shoulder Treatment
  • Jumpers Knee Treatment
  • Little League Elbow Treatment
  • Muscle Reconstruction
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans Treatment
  • Osteomalacia Treatment
  • Snapping Hip Treatment
  • Boutonniere Deformity Treatment
  • Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Treatment
  • Metal Implant Removal
  • Osteochondrosis Treatment
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta Oi Treatment
  • Osteoma Treatment
  • Artificial Limb Services
  • Bow Legs Treatment
  • Cervical Strain Treatment
  • Pes Anserine Bursitis Treatment
  • Elbow Sprain Treatment
  • Hammer Claw Or Mallet Toe Treatment
  • Meniscus Transplant
  • Toe Joint Replacement
  • Kirschner Wire Removal
  • Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint Replacement
  • Rickets Treatment
  • Leg Length Discrepancy Lld Treatment
  • Osteoarthritis Consultation
  • Toe Implant
  • Trochleoplasty
  • Ankle Fusion Surgery
  • Knee Ligament Surgery Mcl

How can Yourdocabroad assist you

YourDocAbroad makes your decision to travel abroad for medical treatment easier. We will get cost estimates for orthopedics treatments abroad from your preferred destination. We will also help with translating medical documents, arranging consultations with the specialists and organizing your medical travel.

31 clinics/hospitals for Orthopedics worldwide
Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates 
  • RAK Hospital is UAE’s healthcare provider of choice serving thousands of local, regional and international .
  • International Accreditations: RAK Hospital was accredited by Joint Commission in first year of its operations and has been successfully accredited since then. RAK hospital is also accredited by Swiss Leading Hospitals.
  • jci

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
  • Aster Hospital is a multispecialty hospital that offers the highest level of medical excellence alongside impeccable standards for patient care.
  • Aster Hospital is complemented by brilliant medical experts, medical practitioners, nurses, technologists and support staff .
  • JCI Accredited
  • jci

Chennai, India 
  • Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai is the largest facility of the Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group, with over 1000-beds and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • The hospital is accredited by several international agencies and has pioneered several advanced procedures in liver, heart, lung and kidney disorders.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
  • Largest private Healthcare provider in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa).
  • Accredited by JCI , CAP and TEMOS
  • 37 ICU Beds, 23 NICU, 11 PICU Beds and 11 Beds for stroke unit.
  • 2 states of art Cath-Labs covering Vascular , Cerebral  and Cardiac Intervention.
  • jci
  • temos

Vilnius, Lithuania 
  • Leading private general hospital in Lithuania.
  • First hospital in Eastern Europe to receive JCI accreditation
  • Kardiolita has 44 beds, 3 modern operating rooms and a 24-hour intensive care unit (10 beds)

Vilnius, Lithuania 
  • SK Impeks Medicinos Diagnostikos Centras is a JCI accredited hospital
  • The institution have 160 highly qualified healthcare professionals, whose practice covers 53 fields of medicine, includingpecializes in General Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery etc.
  • jci

Bern, Switzerland 
  • Multispecialty hospital with 112 beds, 12 ICU beds and 4 operating theaters.
  • Specializes in cardiology and heart surgery, visceral surgery, thoracic surgery and urology.
  • iso9001

Zürich, Switzerland 
  • Multispecialty hospital with 330 beds and 14 operating rooms
  • Specializes in cardiology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery and orthopedics.
  • iso9001

Zürich, Switzerland 
  • Multispecialty hospital performing 7,600 surgeries a year
  • Specializes in Cardiology, Urology, Oncology and Respiratory Medicine
  • iso9001

Genève, Switzerland 
  • Multispecialty hospital with 100 beds and 6 operating theaters
  • Specializes in shoulder, hip, knee, hand, foot, back and spinal column surgery.
  • iso9001


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